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Agrimony Protection, banishes negative energy, sleep(air)
Allspice Prosperity, courage, energy, strength (fire)
Almond Money, wisdom (air)
Angelica Protection, exorcism, health, meditation, divination (fire)
Asafoetida Exorcism, banishing (fire)
Basil Mend quarrels, sympathy, happiness (fire)
Belladonna Astral travel, flying ointments (water)
Benzoin resin Prosperity, astral projection, purification (air)
Betony Protects against nightmares and despair (fire)
Blessed Thistle Protection, cleansing, remove hexes (fire)
Borage Psychic abilities, financial gain
Broom Used to bless weddings, weather magick, besoms (air)
Burdock Cleansing, protection (water)
Carnation Feminine energy, healing, strength (water)
Cedar Home purification, good fortune, luck (fire)
Chamomile Love, meditation, peace (water)
Cinnamon Energy, creativity, passion (fire)
Clove Banishing, love (fire)
Copal resin Purification, cleansing (fire)
Damiana Love, lust (fire)
Dill Money, luck, protection (fire)
Fennel Protection, healing (fire)
Frankincense resin Exorcism, purification, spirituality (fire)
Galangal Psychic abilities, luck, money (fire)
Gardenia Love, peace, healing (water)
Ginger Success, courage, strength (fire)
Hazel Divination, psychic abilities, dreams (air)
Heather Peace, beginnings, weather magick (water)
Hemlock Purification, cooling emotions (water)
Holly Protection, luck (fire)
Honeysuckle Healing, love, creativity (earth)
Horehound Protection, exorcism, mental clarity (air)
Hyssop Purification, repel negativity (fire)
Jasmine Dreams, sexuality (water)
Juniper Cleansing, purifying, love charms (fire)
Lavender Love, sleep, dreams, meditation, protection (air)
Lemon Friendship, love (water)
Lemongrass Psychic abilities (air)
Lilac Protection, divination (water)
Marigold Legal matters, dreams, divination (fire)
Mandrake Protection, love, health (fire)
Meadowsweet Love, peace (air)
Mint Healing, prosperity, creativity (air)
Mistletoe Protection, fertility, exorcism (fire)
Mugwort Psychic abilities, divination, protection (earth)
Myrrh resin Purification, healing, spirituality (water)
Nettle Protection, passion (fire)
Orange Protection, passion (fire)
Orris Root Love (water)
Patchouli Money, lust, fertility (earth)
Pine Prosperity,fertility, healing (air)
Rose Love, healing, friendship (water)
Rosemary Cleansing, purification, exorcism (fire)
Rue Banishing, protection (fire)
Sandalwood Spirituality, exorcism, healing (water)
Star Anise Protection, psychic awareness, repels evil spirits (air)
Thyme Sleep, protection, courage (water)
Tonka Beans Good luck (water)
Valerian Love, sleep, protection (water)
Vanilla Lust, love, courage (water)
Vervain Love, prosperity, sleep, healing, creativity (earth)
White Sage Purification, repels negativity, wisdom (air)
Wormwood Scrying, divination, exorcism (fire)
Yarrow Love, psychic abilitites, banishing (water)

An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will